DANATEQ believes that achieving the desired business result from an investment is dependent not only on technology, but also on people, and process.

Delivery Services
Responsible for the on-time, on-scope, and on-budget delivery and roll-out of solution, DANATEQ Delivery’s experience with multi-vendor architectures and solutions will ensure a seamless successful LINK™ integrations and implementations.

Consulting Services
Responsible for aligning technologies and business opportunities, the DANATEQ consulting services team can help design, justify, and implement a holistic customer value management strategy for your enterprise.

Campaign Management
LINK Workbench™ specialists enable organizations to skip the learning curve and start reaping platform benefits full-steam on day 1. This team operates against an SLA on the number of campaigns launched and time-to-market.

CARE ensures that LINK™ delivers according to performance SLA’s, enabling customers to fully leverage on the platform capabilities