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Big Data to Real Value

As the volume of transactions and data increase, operators become increasingly aware that there is a massive revenue opportunity if the intelligence in data is translated into actionable insights.  In this regard, customer campaign initiatives play a major role in monetizing big data for operators. But challenges around speed, flexibility, and limited analytics capabilities cause traditional campaign management solutions to fail. Find out how DANATEQ’s LINK™ uses cognitive loops to enable operators to hurdle these challenges and unlock the value of their data.

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  Cognitive Campaign Management

Cognitive Campaign Management refers to the practice and use of technology to structure and implement marketing campaigns in a way that leads to continuously improving results (take-up and incremental revenue). Request for the full article to learn how cognitive technologies overcome challenges with traditional business intelligence and data warehouse driven analytics, to deliver the desired ROI on your below-the-line campaigns.

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  Cognitive Enterprise A Cognitive Enterprise:

  1. Knows its customers
  2. Understands control points that link the effectiveness of its enterprise operations to the customer
  3. Leverages and uses control points across enterprise process to arrive at a desired business outcome
  4. Continuously learns and improves

Request for the full article to learn how a thinking enterprise operates. More importantly, read on to find out how to turn your business into one.

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  Customer Value Management

Customer Value Management (CVM) describes the collective effort of an enterprise to maximize the value of its entire customer base. Value pertains to profits, and not just top-line revenues.  CVM brings consciousness on the cost of acquisition and retention efforts vis-a-vis the incremental revenues produced, to provide an accurate picture of success and growth for a business. Request for the full article to learn why companies are shifting from a CRM of CLM strategy to CVM, and how to implement a holistic Customer Value Management capability.

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    Real-time NPS Correlation

Studies have shown that the Net Promoter Score is the loyalty metric that is most tied to financial growth. As more companies embrace the Net Promoter Score as a key metric for their business, challenges in implementation and actionability prevent companies from using NPS as an effective management system. Learn about how a cognitive enterprise uses streaming analytics to provide real-time correlation between NPS and other commercial and operational metrics,  allowing it to truly manage customer experience, drive loyalty, and growth.

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