2015 Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is the top dog for events in the mobile tech world. Every year it attracts thousands of delegates from hundreds of countries who congregate in one venue, interact, and listen to interesting talks from experts and be witness to huge announcements from the mobile world.

This year DANATEQ will be participating in the event, which will be held from March 2 – 5, in Barcelona, Spain.

So what makes MWC the premier event for the mobile industry? Here are four reasons why:

The MWC has witnessed the announcement of major tech products.

The Mobile World Congress has been the center stage for the announcement of new tech products that has rocked the tech world. Major companies like Google, LG, Huawei and even Sony have used the venue to either tease attendees of new technologies or major product launches. For this year’s event, expect significant announcements from LG and Huawei. There are also rumors that Google will finally reveal more details about its ambitious Project Ara – the modular mobile phone project the company revealed in 2014.

The world’s top tech executives attend MWC.

The Mobile World Congress is a networker’s heaven. The event is attended by thousands of top-level executives from the world’s top tech companies who all have a chance to meet and explore partnerships during the four-day event.  At MWC 2014, 85,000 people attended the event, and among them are 46,000 C Level executives, quite a rare occurrence at any other event but not for MWC.

New technologies and trends are discussed and sometimes even predicted at the event.

The Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, machine learning, the future of wireless networks, 5G – these are just some of the topics that are actively and, sometimes, animatedly discussed in the various breakout sessions and talks that are hosted at the MWC. DANATEQ is going to the event as one of the leading experts in predictive analytics and machine learning and they will have the ear of hundreds of global companies as they evangelize about these ground-breaking technologies and how it can benefit these companies’ businesses.

For MWC 2015, one of the major topics of discussion is going to be how the mobile communications revolution will drive major breakthroughs in tech. This would include the current focus on wearable technologies, which taking the world by storm and is predicted to become a billion-dollar industry in just a few years.

There is no other mobile tech event that can come close.

Other events have tried to compete with Mobile World Congress but, really, nothing ever comes close to it. The event is already considered as one of the major pillars of the mobile tech world and is arguably the most anticipated yearly event not just in the industry but also tech pundits, the media and anyone who is involved with technology, mobile, and communications.

The numbers speak for themselves. We have already mentioned that 85,000 people attended last year’s event, with 46,000 C-Level executives in the mix. But do you know that 4,500 CEOs from some of the world’s largest companies also attended MWC? More than 1,800 companies held exhibitions in the exhibit area where they were able to showcase their products and/or services to other delegates.

To further stress MWC’s importance – 3,900 media personnel, representing 1,700 global media outlets, covered the event.

Mobile World Congress will be the hub of activity for all things mobile and tech in March. DANATEQ will be in the midst of all the activities and will lead the charge for real-time analytics-based campaign management solutions. See you there!